Old Mill Artisan Snuff

Old Mill Artisan Snuff

Bethpage, Tennessee USA

Located in northern middle Tennessee on the Kentucky border, Bethpage is in the heart of burley tobacco country, and only minutes from Kentucky's Bourbon Trail and just a few hours from Lynchburg, home of Tennessee Sour Mash Whisky.  The rich tobacco fields of Virginia and the Carolinas are just over the Cumberland Plateau and my farm on the Highland Rim is close to some of the best light and dark fire cured tobacco in the world, and also produces unique air cured Red Burley,  Dark Air Cured Burley and TN-90 White Burley.

This is a land of plenty in other areas as well; hand churned Amish butter, orchards of beautiful cherries, pears, peaches, apples and a mind boggling variety of nuts, particularly pecans and the rare white walnuts also known as Butternuts.  

In nearby Elizabethtown, Kentucky is an artisan cooperage that hand crafts barrels from a variety of local hardwoods for the nearby distilleries, wineries and craft brewers.  They are also kind enough to make the barrels and crates I use for maturing the leaf blends and finished snuffs made at Old Mill.