Old Mill Artisan Snuff

Culinary Artistry

​Hand Crafted Snuff

Combining decades of culinary experience with a passion for quality and creativity I am now focusing my energy on the joys of nasal snuff.  I make each snuff by hand from the finest leaf available, scented and flavored with my own infusions, cocktails and potions made with fresh ingredients, top shelf spirits and hard to find spices and flavorings.  There are no chemicals, preservatives or artificial ingredients used in any of these unique creations.

The two essentials are time and patience.  The scenting and flavoring recipes take up to a year to reach their peak, and after application to the leaf the maturing process can take up to two years.  I use toasted oak barrels, Spanish cedar crates and a variety of woods such as cherry, alder, birch, walnut, apple, pecan and maple to apply pressure and scent to several of the leaf blends.  I also use Himalayan Pink Salt slabs to subtly season many of the more exotic snuff tobaccos.  I indulge in each of these snuffs on a regular basis, and  you can rest assured that if the snuff doesn't meet the highest standards, it will never be released.

Daniel Richard

Certified Executive Chef