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Limoncello 2016 Update

Limoncello 2016 is very close, and I anticipate a late August release.  This vintage is slightly different than the last, with the addition of Meyer Lemon leaf and a high percentage of Meyer Lemon zest in the scenting cocktail.  Stay tuned.


After careful consideration we have come to the unpleasant conclusion that in order to keep this venture going and maintain the creativity and quality that we craft into every snuff, it is necessary to raise the donations a bit.  We did our best to make the increases as small as possible, and you can look forward to the same personal service, fast response time and screw up recovery as before.  Kathy and I wish you all a very Merry Christmas.

Subscription Issues

Several of you are not receiving the regular updates due to a glitch in the application.  It has been recommended that everyone interested in getting these updates return to the Subscribe page here and re-enter your information.

On the same subject, the contact page doesn't work well for order placement.  It is part of the website package and is designed for contact generation.  Ordering information often gets lost in the shuffle.  Once contact is established it is best to use the Old Mill email address for ordering and follow up.